Sandra Bird, An Shen Acupuncture

Like so many practitioners in the caring profession I sometimes find it difficult to step back and take a look at the bigger picture in relation to my own business.

Sue has not only helped me to do this, but she has done so in a skilled, attentive, professional and empowering way. She guided me, allowing me to fight my way through the jumble of my own thoughts until I came to a bright and sunny clearing. In short, Sue has helped me to see the blindingly obvious!

Sue has also delivered a presentation skills and confidence workshop for the WiRE Lincoln Network, which was extremely well received by the members who gave lots of very positive feedback on the benefits they gained from the experience. Sue is inspirational and practical. She helps people find trheir own self belief and then gives them the practical means to achieve their goals.

I would highly recommend Sue to anyone in need of coaching. Whether it’s for a individual or group, Sue Ritchie and You Time Coaching can deliver what’s required.

Sandra Bird, Owner An Shen Acupuncture     Capturing the art of the Natural