Workshop Feedback

A major part of my work is with teams and groups. Here’s a selection of workshop feedback I’ve received;

Jo Cox Brown, CEO of The Malt Cross, Nottingham

“Sue did a fantastic job of bringing my vision for a team day to life. There was a good variety of activities and challenges to keep the team motivated. She has great subject knowledge and imparts this very well to the team. On the day she was great to work with and easily bonded with my team, and helped us to work through some big and challenging subjects. I would highly recommend her.”

Feedback from team members;

“Probably the best exercise I have seen and done in helping a team to establish it’s core values.” Matt Buck, Arts and Events Manager

“I found it really helpful to have things that I heard about before, put into context, particularly around body language and listening. It was good to have shorter snippets of learning as opposed to learning about one thing for the whole day.” Francesca Adams, Street Pastors Development Co-ordinator

“It was really great to have a good think about things I hadn’t considered before – we were given the freedom to think around the topics, but had just the right amount of structure so that our discussions had relevance and direction. An erxcellent day of training!” Lydia, Administrator

A selection of comments from a workshop with staff from the University of Lincoln Research and Careers Department, in July 2013;

“Sue was engaging and positive. She really had us thinking about day-to-day issues in a new light.” Paul Davidson, College of Science Research Officer

“I loved the session – you were  a fantastic facilitator! It was an excellent workshop that makes you think differently and look at your own and others strengths and weaknesses.”

“This really gave me food for thought. It made me think about my behaviour in certain situations and how this may be perceived by others.”

“A very engaging session with such a big group. It was very well delivered, prepared and though-provoking. I found it very insightful and encouraged reflection upon behaviours. There was something for everyone to think about and take away.”


Stephanie Schiaffonati, Employability Manager, Lincoln University;

“Thank you so much for your excellent workshop Learn to Shine: How to stand out from the crowd.

I felt the key points of learning that although you can’t control what happens to you in life you can control how you choose to react; the importance of looking at what success means to each of them as an individual; understanding what they are good at and what their values are, all work together to enable them to develop resilience and bounciness!

The workshop was clearly tailored to the specific needs of the group and delivered in a sympathetic, entertaining and informative manner. The feedback from the students was exceptionally positive, ranging  from very interesting, informative, to amazing!”

Feedback from students;

“Incredibly enjoyable. I feel like I have taken away positive elements which I will be able to put into practice in the future, in both personal and working environments.” Sophia, second year Business Studies student

“Fantastic! I’m glad I made the effort to come to this workshop. It not only gave techniques about hot to be successful, but also how to deal with failure.” Wen, MSc student

“This has been very helpful – I’ve learned about the importance of understanding your own value, how beneficial it can be to understand your own communication style and that you have much more control over your life than you think! The content and format of the workshop was brilliant!” Clare, final year Business Studies student

“Susan was friendly, engaging and knowledgeable. She put people at ease. The content and delivery was excellent and I’ve learned how I can demonstrate what my values are, both in professional and personal situations.” Eleanor, second year student.

“Amazing! Lincoln students need a lot more like this!” Michael, MSc Logistics student

Comments after a workshop about The Imposter Syndrome with  the Angels Bring Business networking group;

” An excellent workshop! I have suffered from The Imposter Syndrome on a weekly basis and I have been enlightened by this workshop. It really helps to know that I am not alone and how I can deal with these feelings of doubt. I feel super positive! Thank you.” Clare, trainee solicitor

” Sue’s workshops are riveting and offer plenty of food for thought. Expect some ‘light bulb’ moments!” Glynis Fox, Fox Star media

“Very helpful, very useful brilliant reminder of some simple ways to  keep the self doubt beast in the cave it belongs in. Thank you.” Karen Locking, Director, Evolve

“Sue always delivers an informative, thought provoking talk. She really knows her stuff, and how to deliver!” Jenny Inight, owner, Your Roots

Feedback from a local authority manager after a two day workshop with their team of 20+;

“You are calming and non-threatening, but there is still no doubt who is leading the session forwards and keeping it flowing. You have a presence in the room Sue – it’s an unusual combination and a real talent. You are in the right line of business!”