Develop Your Leadership Presence

CPD Course 21725

The success of an organisation is likely to be a direct reflection of the performance of its leaders. 

Leadership Presence is the ‘x factor’ that sets individuals apart, and ensures others sit up and take notice.  

Individuals with Presence and Personal Impact are:

  •  self-assured enough to take opportunities
  • credible and trusted
  • engaging and respected
  • listened to as a voice of authority
  • excellent communicators
  • highly visible and well-connected
  • influential 
  • able to get results 

  Leaders who can harness these qualities, will motivate their teams to lift performance, and engage with new stakeholders, audiences and markets. Without it, performance – and results – suffer.

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“The techniques that you have taught me for ‘showing up as a Leader’ have enabled me to confidently walk into crowded networking events and proactively engage with more senior leaders and decision makers. This has led to me developing new business partnerships.” Mary, CEO

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To get started now, download the 5 Steps To Develop Your Leadership Presence which you can download here  




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