Case Studies

These women attended a Woman of Power workshop (aka the Wonder Woman workshop)…here’s what they have to say about the results…

A Woman of Power – Katy, Capability Manager

I have spent SEVENTEEN years working for giant, globally recognised FMCG branded companies. I have always been described as a ‘loyal, hard-working and reliable employee’.  BUT my self-confidence and self-belief had been seriously shaken, knocked for six and ultimately destroyed by a series of abusive relationships, divorce, workplace bullying and a family bereavement … I genuinely believed I wasn’t ‘management material’, forever destined to be an ‘indian’ rather than a ‘chief’, ‘always the bridesmaid, never the bride’ ..!

Then I met Susan Ritchie through YouTime Coaching – recommended to me via social media.

Through a series of individual coaching sessions, slowly I rebuilt my confidence, my self-esteem and learnt effective strategies to quieten those internal ‘gremlins’ – starting a new career with another global brand, nominated for a management development programme, winning a high performance award, joining a rock choir and singing a solo part as well as finding a new romantic relationship too; all within six-twelve months of our time spent together.

About a year later, I read about , and attended, the 1-day workshop ‘A Woman of Power’ with You Time Coaching.

This 1-day workshop firstly is hugely reassuring that as women, regardless of our profession, perceived level of success, age or demographic background we all share so many of the same misgivings, anxieties and frustrations. As a workshop created specifically for women, this created a unique environment and a truly empowering atmosphere which encouraged sharing, insight and the space for personal reflection. Personally I left this 1-day workshop feeling inspired, invincible and somewhat fearless – determined to make some sort of leap of faith. I just wasn’t sure what …

Then a few days after completing the 1-day ‘A Woman of Power’ workshop I took my leap of faith and approached my manager to ask him about a promotion – one which I had previously written off, had even told my manager I was ‘just not interested’. I had been busy convincing myself that this promotion wasn’t for me, that I ‘wasn’t good enough’, that they could ‘easily find someone better qualified’, ‘more experienced’, ‘younger’, ‘with more potential ‘… blah, blah, blah.  Those ‘gremlins’ had a great time in my head!

Inspired, motivated, encouraged and empowered by the 1-day ‘A Woman of Power’ workshop, I asked my manager the question ‘what about ME?’ – just one small question … but one with BIG results!

Less than ONE MONTH after completing the 1-day workshop ‘A Woman of Power’ I have now been promoted internally within a branded global FMCG company to a management position. Yes, ME! Not only that, but the terms of the contract were changed to suit MY personal circumstances, MY preferred location was considered and I was even offered the opportunity to hold onto MY projects from the previous role too.

What a difference a day made!

So, my question for any woman reading my testimonial is this: ‘what about YOU?

Sharon, IT Manager

Two years ago I started with a new company and during my time with them I completely lost my self confidence and self-worth, now looking back this was because I allowed a single person to have power to question my abilities and undermine me as a person. Prior to the new job I had been very successful in my career and highly thought off as a person.

I found it difficult to pick myself up, and because of my diminishing confidence I struggled to apply for new jobs convincing myself that I had no skills. I tried different things to restore my confidence including counselling, and whilst it was good to talk to an impartial person what I really needed was the tools to empower myself.

My husband told me about the “Woman of Power” course that Susan was holding in Lincoln, and after a bit of convincing I booked myself on it. Although it may sound cliché the course was a real turning point for me and I have never looked back. Thanks to Susan’s course I have learnt techniques to quieten the Gremlin within and to challenge my negative thoughts. I now feel completely empowered and even applied for a senior position that I would never have dared to before. I was successful in my application and have been in that job for a while now and loving it and my confidence is going from strength to strength. Yes there are moments when the gremlin taps me on the shoulder and my knees get a little weak, but I just remember back to the course and know that I can do it, after all what do I have to lose.

I can whole heartily recommend Susan Ritchie to anyone who is  looking for some coaching and empowerment. I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me, even friends, family and colleagues comment on the positive change.