Leadership Books

Here are the Leadership books I’ve written – click on the photo to be taken to Amazon

Strategies for Being Visible:14 Profile-Raising Ideas for Emerging Female Leaders

“Down to earth, with practical tools – it’s straight to the point. Be bold, don’t follow the rules & respectfully disrupt – grab this book & devour it before you want to take your next big step!” Nicola Gilroy, BBC Look North

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“This is an exceptional book written by Susan Ritchie. Strategies for Being Visible: examines a wealth of issues women face in leadership roles. There is an incredible amount of insight and research, with helpful tips and action plans to follow or take inspiration. You can make yourself more visible in the workplace by following a few simple strategies discussed in the book. I personally enjoyed reading this book and will take the learnings to apply in my own leadership role.”

Strategies for Being Brilliant: 21 Ways to be Happy, Confident and Successful


Susan Ritchie - 21 Strategies for Being Brilliant

“Brave, honest and heartfelt, this is a book for anyone who has ever doubted themselves or struggled to see a light at the end of a tunnel. With a common touch that will appeal widely, Sue has written a warm and practical self-help guide through the lens of her personal and professional journey.  Peppered with her experiences as a teacher, coach, business owner, single mum and intrepid traveller, she delivers a wealth of insights and strategies for taking action that will genuinely enhance your life.”

David Shindler, Small Business Owner and author of Learning to Leap

‘Sue’s book is required reading for anyone looking for practical ways to cope with life’s ‘curve balls’. The 21 Strategies For Being Brilliant are steeped in Sue’s deeply moving personal experiences and are superb at reminding us all that WE have the power to change and to choose how we respond to situations. I know everyone who reads this book and completes the suggested tasks will be liberated from their fears and self doubt and empowered to take action.’

Gary Gorman, Sales Trainer, Author and International Speaker www.GaryGorman.co.uk