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“It’s been the journey of a lifetime, condensed into 6 months.” Omar, Director

emerging leaders presence

Susan Ritchie helps emerging leaders to develop their presence, impact and influence

In uncertain times and in an uncertain business environment, we need leaders with a real presence to navigate the new and unknown; I specialise in helping emerging leaders to develop their impact and presence, creating the influence and engagement they need to fuel their own careers and for their organisation to experience continued growth and results.

Leadership presence is about taking your existing attributes, skills and talents and polishing them so they shine so brightly, that others can’t ignore you. And you don’t have to a world leader to have it! 

Leadership Presence is good for your career, your team, your organisation and the economy.

I design and deliver award-winning training and leadership programmes, and have been teaching, training and coaching for over 25 years now. In 2002, as a single mum and teacher, I moved to Borneo with my 9-year-old son, where I lived and worked for five years, before moving to Belize in Central America for three years.

When I returned to live in the UK in 2010, I retrained as a coach and now run my own leadership development business. My international experience and moves taught me how to establish myself quickly and with impact in new and unknown cultures and environments – knowledge and experience that informs my work with clients today.

I’m an executive and leadership coach, NLP Practitioner and full member of the UK Association for Coaching.

I’m also the author of two books: Strategies for Being Brilliant: 21 Ways to be Happy, Confident and Successful, and my latest book, Strategies for being Visible: 14 Profile-raising Ideas for Emerging Female Leaders.

I work with both individuals, and private and public-sector clients both in the UK and internationally including the BBC, the Institute of Chartered Accountants, the NHS, Tower Hamlets Homes, and various charities and universities.

I work with teams

“Following our initial meetings you have fully understood the needs of a diverse team and have put together a great program as we look to establish Leadership as a cornerstone within our business.

The combination of group sessions and individual coaching sessions has proved extremely effective in challenging and developing the team but also in giving them a personal toolbox to use as they move forward to adopt line manager duties within the business.

I have never doubted the commitment of the team and have been proud of our success to date but we now have a communication strategy within the group and I personally believe that this will contribute immensely as we move into the next phase of our development.

The feedback from each individual member of the team has been very positive and they are already implementing a leadership approach within their individual areas and are without doubt working more collaboratively and effectively as a management team.”

John, Board Director and Operations Manager, Bishop Grosseteste University

I work with individuals

“As I’m sure you will remember, when I first came to you I was struggling with owing my role; evening describing myself as the CEO was a real challenge; I would often use another title or play it down. You have really helped me to feel comfortable in my own skin and with my position.

My new found inner confidence and leadership skills have had a big impact on the way I interact with others at work. The techniques that you have taught me for ‘showing up as a Leader’ including: how to be prepared for meetings and public speaking events and how to ensure that not only my voice but also my message is heard by others, have enabled me to confidently walk into crowded networking events and proactively engage with more senior leaders and decision makers. This has led to me developing new business partnerships.”

Mary, CEO, Green Synergy

I create leadership programmes

“Over the past two years, our Women’s Leadership Programme – developed with and delivered by Susan Ritchie – has supported 30 of our female staff in exploring how to develop and use their presence, impact and effectiveness to help them develop their careers, as well as strengthening their peer support networks.  A key part in our approach to diversity and inclusion, our (multi-award winning!) programme has been positively received by all staff, and has helped us achieve an increase in the proportion of women in our upper pay quartile over this time.”

Steve, Head of People Services, Tower Hamlets Homes

Email me at to find out more about how I can help you to make you or your team’s presence felt more strongly.

Strategies for Being Brilliant: 21 Ways to be Happy, Confident and Successful 

emerging leaders presence

Learn how to develop your presence, confidence and success as an emerging leader

Strategies for being Visible: 14 profile-Raising Ideas for Emerging Female Leaders

emerging leaders presence

Learn how to raise your profile and presence as an emerging leader

You can connect with me on Twitter, @susanjritchie.

The free e-book,The Communicate with Impact Grid will help you make some quick changes to how you communicate, allowing you to create more personal impact.


Hear my recent interview on BBC Lincolnshire Hear my recent interview on BBC Radio Lincolnshire

Intervew: Melvyn Prior of BBC Lincolnshire 94.9FM, talking to Susan Ritchie of You Time Coaching about her inspirational life story.

First transmitted 5 Jan 2012.

  • Qualified NLP Practitioner – 2013 and member of the ANLP
  • I  am a graduate of Barefoot Coaching with a Certificate in Personal and Business Coaching – 2010
  • Full member of the UK Association for Coaching
  • Certificate – Introduction to Counselling Skills (Open University)
  • Post Graduate Certificate of Education (Crewe and Alsager College)
  • BA (Hons) – English and American studies (Keele University)


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