Leadership Programme


webinar womanThe Emerging Leader programme is a flexible leadership programme designed to help staff at middle management make the shift from managers into engaged, dynamic leaders. It aims to build leadership presence, and through this:

  • develop an awareness of delegates own personal impact and the effect this has on those around them
  • uncover their own role in contributing to the prevailing culture and provide an approach for beginning to foster changes
  • equip delegates with tools and approaches that can be used to foster mindful, fully present leadership
  • allow delegates understand what it takes to be a leader – how a leader shows up in the world, and how to nurture those behaviours
  • ignite a confident, dynamic and engaged cohort of managers who orient themselves towards being leaders
  • be agents of change

Developing Leadership Presence equips your leaders with

  • the ability to make confident decisions and take risks
  • the willingness to challenge underperformance appropriately,
  • the strength to act boldly and enact change
  • the integrity needed to be of good character and build trust
  • the understanding of the importance of high visibility and impact
  • the skills to build rapport and lead others
  • the attitude, mindset and behaviours to provide robust business benefits to the organisation

A typical in-house leadership programme would consist of 6 days (a mix of training days and 1:1 coaching) and can be arranged flexibly to suit your needs.

To find out more, please email hello@susanritchie.co.uk and we can arrange a time to discuss how we can help.