Confidence, Connections & Clout

Confidence, Connections & Clout: How to Engage and Influence Others for Business and Career Success


A compelling leader is great for business. They possess five characteristics:

  • Strong Identity – a robust, realistic self-awareness and sense of self; confident, self-assured & leads with a vision
  • Emotional Self-control – calm, grounded and resilient, fully present, emotionally aware; responds to others with empathy & connection
  • Powerful Communication – engaging, observant, flexible; succinct, persuasive, assertive and bold
  • High profile – visible and strategically well-networked; an engaged digital presence
  • Enabling them to Create impact and influence in a range of settings


An absence of these leads to lack-lustre leadership and a failure to meet organisational/business goals; under-performing teams, a damaged workplace culture, low visibility in the market place and a poor reputation.

This is a two-day programme for developing impact, visibility and influence that covers the following:

Developing your identity, demonstrating confidence and raising your profile:

Understanding your signature strengths and planning how to play to them

Evaluating a range of strategies for managing self-doubt and building confidence at work

Building and managing your reputation

Planning how to raise your visibility


 To build an influence toolkit:

Exploring a range of sources of power that allow you to be influential

Using tools and techniques to maximise your verbal and non-verbal communication methods in a range of settings

To build a quality network by critically evaluating your stakeholders and your existing network

To strategically plan to increase personal influence

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