A Woman of Influence

CPD Course 21725

Are you a professional woman who wants to make her presence felt with senior colleagues and clients?

Do you want to communicate with impact and build influential relationships?

Have you got your eye on a senior or board level role and need to build your reputation, get buy in for your ideas and be listened to by your key stakeholders?

If you are a professional woman who wants a more senior role – or to make her presence felt in the one she has –  then A Woman of Influence is for you.

“The combination of shared experiences alongside Susan’s practical and insightful guidance has opened my mind to a variety of possibilities and left me really considering “my career as a leader” as opposed to “my day job” for the first time in several years.”  


Why Attend?

If you’re an ambitious professional woman looking to build your reputation, demonstrate gravitas and learn how to communicate to create maximum impact, then this one-day workshop is for you.

Aimed at helping you to develop your leadership presence and become more influential, this interactive and practical day will ensure that you leave with:

  • a toolkit for becoming more influential and persuasive;
  • strategies for building your reputation intentionally;
  • techniques for creating impact – without saying a word;
  • exercises and tools that will enable you to communicate powerfully to build trust and influence;
  • a plan for building a quality network of key influencers.

This workshop, grounded in the latest research, will help you to use both verbal and non-verbal communication to influence others and help you make your presence felt in a range of situations.

“Essential lessons on how to maximise your own personal impact and build the rungs for your career ladder”

This workshop carries 6 CPD points/hours

What’s included?

  • A full day workshop
  • Light refreshments and lunch
  • A journal
  • A 45 minute follow up call

What are they saying about the day?

“Brilliant day that enabled me to think about my verbal and non-verbal communication that I could practically take back into the office and make the board members think”

“It was a great way of learning how to improve influencing skills and how to read people’s body language. It was interesting being in a room with similar women and we all had something in common.”

“Susan is warm and engaging using her own experiences as well as measured research from other fields to illustrate her points.  I was in a group of fiercely intelligent female accountants from a variety of industries and most of us have the answers within ourselves.  Susan gently coaxed these answers out of us during the course of the day.”

“The delivery of this session was great. Sue reflected on her own personal experiences to bring concepts to life which really helped me analyse certain situations I have faced.”

What next?

To find out when the next workshop is being run, please email Sue at hello@susanritchie.co.uk