Remi, Company Secretary, BNY Mellon

I contacted Susan because while I have always been seen as a technical expert,  my lack of confidence has always held me back when I really need to shine. I realised that I needed help with my confidence and be able to project myself without feeling like an imposter!
I have used the tools and tips that Susan has shared with me over the months we’ve worked together and this has really helped put me put myself out there, be seen and take some risks. I am feeling more confident than I have ever been, and the feedback I’m receiving is wonderful.

One of the most valuable insights I’ve had is in accepting that I have a right to be at the table and to confidently contribute and have my voice heard. This has helped me to be more prepared and to listen more actively so that I can pick up the nuances and contribute confidently to discussions and recommendations.

I would recommend Susan without a doubt, and I will be working with her in the future to help me continually raise my game at work.