Leaders Have All the Questions, Not the Answers

At the weekend I read a great article about leadership and change in the ‘What She Said’ column in Sunday Times. This quote particularly caught my eye:

A Leader Has All the Questions, Not the Answers

Asking questions helps you to lead with impact

Struggling to make an impact as a leader or an emerging leader? Sometimes, a well-placed question can make all the difference. One of my biggest mistakes as a leader was in thinking I needed to know everything – you can read about that in The Best Question I Never Asked.

Keen to avoid the same mistake, or create some impact in the right way?


1. To be involved

2. To be given a chance

3. To be mentored

4. For help

5.  For advice

6. How you can help

7. What’s the reasoning for this…

8. What might happen if…

9. To mentor someone else

10. For feedback

11. To buy someone a coffee

12. Someone to to an event

13. What’s possible?

14. What do we really need to know?

15. What’s really going on?

16. Why does this matter?

17. What’s the next move?

18. Who would be good to know?

19. Who else can help?

20. What’s my contribution here?

What other questions would you add? What’s worked well for you?

And if you’d like to take your questioning a little – or a lot – further, then you may enjoy reading Disabling ‘Yes’ mode 

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