Ivelina, Strategy and Operations Manager

Working with Susan has been such a pleasure and a great experience.

She is a fantastic coach and professional. I have recently moved into a more strategic role and I have contacted Susan to help me develop my leadership presence. Throughout my work with Susan, she has equipped me with excellent tools and techniques that helped me grow into my role, acknowledge my strengths and develop strong relationships.

The “Visible Leadership Programme” that Susan created is very unique, effective and I’m so glad that I embarked on this journey together with Susan. Her approach is very interpersonal and the sessions are focused on your needs and goals!

Today I feel I am more confident, more resilient and able to demonstrate my credibility. I feel I’m ready to be the visible leader I always wanted to be!

Thank you, Susan, for creating such a great leadership programme and for coaching women around the world to believe in themselves. You’re so talented and you know how to unlock people’s potential. I am looking forward to your next workshop in London!