Why A Confident Team Needs You to Hold Their Hand

I saw a tweet this morning that simply said ‘We need to hold hands and support each other.’

A confident team needs you to hold their hand

To a cynical eye, the message may seem fluffy and too touchy-feely to stomach.

However, it touched a deep part of me, and the sentiment underlined why I work with businesses who put personal development at the forefront of their business development. The image of confident, suited and booted business people in a circle holding hands made me smile!

The theme of community, inter-connectedness and mutual support has been on my mind over the last two weeks. We have witnessed, during the Olympics,  unpaid volunteers receiving plaudits from near and far, the crowd rising to cheer on teams from all over the world and members of the public smiling and talking to each other in London (which if you travel on the tube, you’ll know is a rarity).

A sense of togetherness, of appreciation, of selflessness seems to have risen to the surface of the national psyche, along with a renewed confidence about who we are as a nation.

It’s this  sense that we are part of something bigger, that we are  all actively engaged in pursuing  a common goal, that could possibly help to heal the pain of the punishing economic downturn.

Creating a strong bond with those we live and work with can benefit us all – so how can you begin to adopt these principles in business?

Strong teams are bigger than the sum of the individual parts – a sense of belonging, being part of something awesome and  feeling that we matter can build a confidence that is  unshakable. Strong teams are inspired, happy, motivated, productive and  profitable.

A confident, fully engaged and empowered team is a sight to behold, so here are 10 tips for ‘Holding Hands and Supporting Each Other';

1. Recognise that you are part of a team. In business, you may lead a team, be part of a clearly defined one,  or you may work alone, with a more informal one around you. Engage with your team and acknowledge them as such – tell them you enjoy being a team member. There’s safety in numbers.

2. Understand that you share common goals and visions. One team with shared values and a vision of where they want to be, with  the belief that they can get there, will be invincible.

3. Share the ‘love’ – when was the last time you praised a member of your team? Find something great about them and tell them. And make a committment to do this every week, or day if you can! Be proactive about noticing the good, play down the other stuff as much as possible and notice the difference it makes. Help them to shine. Make people feel special.

4. Share the power. Does each member of the team know that individually they can make a real difference?

5. Communicate. Have you asked your team how they are recently? Have you shown a genuine interest in them?  How are your listening skills?

6. Be kind. Don’t gossip, back-stab or bitch. Be as helpful as you possibly can,  have the genuine best interests at heart of every member of the team. Make the tea!

7. Support each other. Rally round and do something beyond the call of duty if you know someone needs an extra helping hand. Be loyal.

8. Know that together you can achieve so much more – here’s an old Unison advert which I think speak volumes about the power of a team!

9. Establish  a team identity – this can be done in many ways. Have a team motto, a dress code, develop routines that can turn into rituals, swap phone numbers, make sure everyone has a business card with their name and role printed on, create a blog that you can all contribute to, publish a newsletter – the choice is endless!

10. Do some good. Be a force for positivity – either in your own team or support another group. What difference can you make, as a team, to the wider community?

What’s your experience of working as a team? How do you ‘hold hands’?

If you want some help to build your business by building your team, then get in touch – I love working with businesses and organisations who understand that their most vital business asset is their staff. A confident, motivated, engaged and empowered staff are better for business!

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