The Next Level Leadership Programme

Are you an ambitious professional, looking for your next leadership post?


Do you feel frustrated and fed up at your lack of career progress?


When other people look at you, are they really seeing a leader - someone with the visibility, credibility and gravitas needed to make the next move in your career?


What one thing is going to help you demonstrate your suitability for a more senior post?


It's called Leadership Presence - it's the ability to motivate, inspire and effect change, bringing everyone with you.  

Leadership Presence changes how you show up - which will change everything for you. 

When you have leadership presence, you're seen as someone who is promotion-ready.

And that's when doors will open for you and opportunities will appear.


If you're not being seen or heard by the decision makers in your organisation or industry, then the chances are you don't have it yet.

If you're being passed over for promotion, then the chances are you don't have it yet.

And if you feel constantly frustrated that your ideas and potential are going to waste, then you don't have it yet.

Unless other people recognise your potential and suitability for a more senior position, you'll never get the leadership role you want.

Understanding how to create the right impact, raise your profile and become more influential will help you to be seen as a leader, before you have the role . 

You'll create the impact you want to have by acting with intention. You'll forge relationships built on trust, empathy and deep rapport. Your ideas will be listened to, enabling you to effect change. You'll be influential, motivating and engaging.

You'll be happy, confident and relaxed.

You'll find yourself being sought out and being asked about your opinions.

 And that's when you're in the best possible place to land your next leadership role.

Introducing The Next Level Leadership Programme

The Next Level Leadership Programme is a six month programme that will help provide you with the know-how to move into a more senior leadership role by demonstrating that you are promotion-ready.

  This programme will help you to strategically demonstrate your suitability to the people that matter - your colleagues, your boss, and your industry leaders.

It will help you to be seen as being ready for the next level in your leadership career.

And when that happens, doors will open for you and opportunities will appear.

We’ll work together for six months to help you:

  • manage any self doubt
  • cement your professional identity
  • play to your strengths
  • build resilience
  • manage your time and energy
  • develop  and demonstrate leaderly behaviour
  • identify allies and key stakeholders
  • become more influential
  • manage challenges in your stride
  • communicate to build relationships based on trust
  • build your network
  • raise your profile and manage your reputation
  • create the impact you need 
  • plan for those first few crucial months in role

How is The Next Level Leadership Programme delivered?

This is a six month programme.

We'll kick things off in month one, with a Half Day Leadership Retreat. This is three hours spent together, exploring where you are now in a range of leadership areas including communication, emotional intelligence and leadership behaviours.

This can be face to face here in Lincoln, or online via a video link. 

From here, we'll decide the focus of our work together and you’ll set some challenging but realistic goals. 

Then over the next five months, we'll meet twice a month online for 45 minutes each time, for personal, 1:1 uninterrupted time together, to develop your “x-factor” and prepare you for the next step in your leadership career.

You'll also have the reassurance of knowing that I'm supporting you at every stage of your journey, including being available to respond to any emails between sessions. 


Leadership Presence certainly isn't something that every leader is born with.


There are skills and behaviours that you can learn. You can practice being a leader long before you have the title - this changes the energy you bring to a room.


It is possible to get your next promotion without any of what you'll learn when you work with me.

However, making this investment in your career now will provide the building blocks for you later.

And of course there are no guarantees when it comes to getting your next role - but you'll maximise your chances of being seen as the choice for that role if you learn how to demonstrate your leaderly qualities before you get the post. 

There are a certain set of skills that you need to get to grips with in your career; most new managers and leaders flounder after the first few months as they are unprepared for the challenges of the role.

Don't let this happen to you.

The skills you'll learn from working with me will give you a toolkit to use for the rest of your career - whatever heights you want to take it to.

The question is… do you want to progress up the career ladder this year, and step into the leadership role you want?

Your investment in the programme is just £1497

Installment options are available

Would you like to find out more? Apply for The Next Level Leadership Programme now


The first step is to have a conversation about what support you're looking for and how I could help you. Simply fill out the application form below by clicking on the orange button below that says Apply Now.

I'll take a look at your application and contact you to arrange a time to talk - there is no obligation for either of us to take things further if we don't feel that we're a good fit to work together.  

"My first big leadership role"

“Leadership coaching with Susan Ritchie gave me the confidence and tools to not only point out the need for a new leadership role within the organisation, but to put myself forward for it. Susan taught me how to recognize my strengths and understand my weaknesses by teaching me different ways of thinking, at work and in my personal life. Since my coaching I have become far more confident and happier within myself. I find Susan’s style of working very innovative, supportive and encouraging. I always left the sessions feeling highly motivated, confident and ready to take on the world. I cannot thank her enough for coaching me, if it wasn’t for her help, support, encouragement and guidance I wouldn’t have had the confidence to take on my first big leadership role. Susan is one very inspiring lady with a huge amount of knowledge in Leadership Coaching and I would highly recommend her services to any female who is looking to take that next step into their first leadership role.”

Membership Manager
Chamber of Commerce
"Completely empowered"

“I now feel completely empowered and even applied for a senior position that I would never have dared to before. I was successful in my application and have been in that job for a while now. I love it and my confidence is going from strength to strength.” 

Business Application Manager

Your investment in the programme is just £1497

Installment options are available

Apply for The Next Level Leadership Programme


Fill out the application form below by clicking on the orange button below that says Apply Now.

I'll take a look at your application and contact you to arrange a time to talk about what you're looking for from the coaching - there is no obligation for either of us to take things further if we don't feel that we're a good fit to work together.  

100% Money Back Guarantee

If by the end of our first session together, you don’t feel I can support you to become the leader you know you are, then I’ll refund your investment in full. I can’t say fairer than that.

"Big Results!"

“After working with Susan, I approached my manager to ask him about a promotion – one which I had previously written off, and had even told my manager I was ‘just not interested’. I had been busy convincing myself that this promotion wasn’t for me, that I ‘wasn’t good enough’, that they could ‘easily find someone better qualified’, ‘more experienced’, ‘younger’, ‘with more potential ‘. Feeling inspired, motivated and encouraged I asked my manager the question ‘what about ME?’ – just one small question … but one with BIG results! I have now been promoted internally within a branded global FMCG company to a leadership position.”

Training Manager

"I found Susan ‘s support invaluable. She understood me and my issues straight away. After working with her,  I have managed to shift my negative perceptions of work and low self esteem to a can do attitude with a positive outlook and this has enhanced my relationships with key stakeholders and clients at work no end. A big heartfelt thank you."

Group Account Director

"Susan is an excellent coach. Through listening, asking questions and offering thought provoking reading and exercises Susan has enabled me to face ‘challenges’ more effectively. In a series of one to one coaching sessions, I have found Susan has enabled me to see how to work around perceived barriers, improve self confidence and helped with overcoming certain issues and situations. Susan is highly professional, certainly helped me to get results and I felt that the coaching was tailored directly to my needs, not something that is a model rolled out to every client.I would highly recommend Susan."