The Art of Self-Esteem; do more of what makes you happy!


I found a lovely poster on Pinterest the other day, which simply said,

Do More of  What Makes You Happy

What a wonderful philosophy! So simple, yet so elusive. Why do we have so much trouble surrounding ourselves, doing things and being with people who ‘fill us up’, or replenish ourselves?

Confidence, for me , is the outward expression of a rock solid inner core of self-belief and self-esteem. We can learn tips and tricks to help us feel more confident and conquer nerves in situations where we may be feeling a bit wobbly, but true inner confidence comes from working on ourselves. I believe in a holistic approach to this, and you’ll be seeing more posts about this over the next few weeks. The way we feel about ourselves, our self-esteem, can be built up easily by making  a conscious choice to be  happier.

Life can be tough – but by ‘Doing More of What makes You Happy’, and less of the other ‘stuff’, the stuff that drains us, then we could be well on the way to living happier, more contented lives. And happier, more contented people are, in my opinion, far more confident and able to tackle the challenges that life can throw at us; your self-esteem will far stronger…

So what stops us? And how can we get out of our own way?

1. We don’t know what makes us happy! Sounds daft, but I honestly believe that there are lots of people out there who go through the paces day in, day out, without actually knowing makes them feel happy apart from collapsing in front of the TV after a long day at work. Set aside an hour to think about your life; what makes you feel brilliant? What did you used to enjoy, but no longer ‘have time for’? Dredge up those old memories and reconnect with them. Or, is there something you’ve been dying to have a go at? Allow yourself to entertain the possibility that this dream can become a reality.

2. Guilt. Many of us, particularly working mums, can feel crippled by guilt at the thought of taking any time out for ourselves, or spending any money on anything that isn’t strictly part of the household budget. Stop it, now! Quite simply, I believe a happy parent/team member means a happy household/working environment and  so on…you get my drift. If  you’re happy the chances are the people around you will be too. So, you owe it to others to be happy – so ditch the guilt and start bringing some sunshine into others lives, as well as your own :)

3. We think we don’t have the money/time/resources. An extra 10 minutes spent on yourself is a brilliant way to start – 10 minutes reading a book, or taking a walk at lunchtime, or listening to music, or…the list is endless. Start small and work up to longer periods of time. If holidays make you feel good, plan one, start saving or find alternative ways to have one if money is tight. We’ve just joined the YHA for some inexpensive weekend breaks every now and then. Have a day out while you save up for a longer time away. 

4. Thinking the wrong things make you happy. This isn’t an excuse for over-indulgence. While a glass of wine might make you feel good, too many, and they won’t. Same goes for all other types of over-indulgence/questionable habits. Coping with the effects of them ultimately make you feel worse, so do yourself a favour and go back to point number one!

So – ditch the excuses, what are you waiting for? You owe it to yourself, starting right now!

What are you going to do today to start strengthening your self-esteem? Please share your ideas here, we’d all love to read them :)