“Sue’s regular on-line blogs and postings on twitter led me to her website – I was delighted to find that she offers personal impact and confidence coaching. From the first initial enquiry to all subsequent one-to-one coaching meetings I can only describe Sue as one of the most inspiring, motivating and captivating people I have ever worked with. Through her professional, personable and patient approach working together we unlocked a reinvigorated approach to my attitudes towards myself and others; working with Sue has transformed my personal and professional relationships – I would highly recommend her as a coach to anyone who would like to realise their full potential.”Katy, Regional Training Executive, Lincoln
“I have used Sue’s services on numerous occasions over the past few months to help me to gain confidence and self-belief as a business owner.
She has taught me a range of techniques to use when self-doubt creeps in which work really well to help boost yourself up.
Her knowledge and insight of her subject is great and is able to adapt techniques for you and your situation.
Her approach is very friendly and personable and it’s been a real pleasure to work with her.”Rachel, owner  http://www.firecracker-uk.co.uk/  Lincoln
“Sue came into my life just at the right time! I hired Sue because I felt like I knew what I was doing and where I was going but needed a ‘coach’ to gain focus and momentum for the journey ahead. Within a couple of months of being fantastically coached by Sue my life was turned upside down by unforeseen personal & professional circumstances and I was thrown completely off course. Sue walked through the whole process with me and skilfully helped me to redefine where I was and provided excellent strategy and support to keep me focussed on what was important to me during that time. I can’t thank Sue enough for all her care and wise words throughout this difficult time and I recommend her highly … you never know what is round your next corner!! Have Sue there ready!!” Sam, NHS, Lincoln
“In a time when I was feeling down about many things going on in my life, that I also felt out of my control, Sue came along and pulled me back up into believing that I could start bit by bit regaining confidence and control in my life.  Since which time, I have continued to speak to Sue regularly.  Through a chirpy, kind demeanor and asking the questions you had never thought to ask yourself, Sue has a way of allowing you to answer and tackle your own woes without telling you what to do.  You leave the conversation, (be it on phone or skype as we live different ends of the country) feeling like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you can take on the world!!
Of course no one expects a quick fix to changing your way of thinking, I have had 25 years of practise in letting things get on top of me; however I am feeling encouraged and inspired to look at life moving forward and finding ways to overcome any difficulties by being proactive.  I’m currently a trainee teacher and at no better moment in my life has coaching with Sue been so appropriate!!
With such an intense course Sue helps to ease any negative thoughts and turn them straight into positive energy – having been a teacher herself what better person to advise you?!
I recommend her to all, not just teachers but family members and friends!”Rachel