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By Susan Ritchie

“It’s been a fantastic journey, in fantastic company.” Sara Scott, Business Owner

Susan Ritchie Confidence Mentor

 Susan Ritchie

I’m Susan Ritchie, a coach, writer and workshop leader.

I started my business four years ago when I moved back to the UK after living in South East Asia and Central America. I’d moved to Borneo with my young son when I was a single mum in 2002 and it was the best – and most scariest – thing I ever did.

I’d gone to work as a teacher out there, and had to settle into a new culture, make new friends and build a new life from scratch. I learned a lot about being visible, making myself heard, how to manage my impact in new situations and harness an inner strength and resilience, both personally and professionally.

Moving back to the UK, the time was right for a career change, and building on my twenty years experience in education,  as a classroom practitioner, curriculum manager and  team leader, I retrained and set up my Executive Coaching and Training business, as well as writing my first book , Strategies for Being Brilliant:21 Ways to be Happy, Confident and Successful published in 2013.

I was shocked when I began to meet so many women who were scared of taking risks and didn’t understand how to feel more powerful and get themselves noticed.

They felt side-lined and ignored, powerless and as though they were underachieving.

I met women who wanted to shout ‘What about me?!’ from the rooftops when it came to promotions or new opportunities at work, but felt unable to do so. Women who felt like a frauds at work, or who were intimidated by people they perceived to be more powerful than them.

Or women who had taken the step to get that promotion but then became crippled with self doubt and a sense of overwhelm – they didn’t know how to ‘be’ the leader they now were, losing confidence in themselves very quickly and shrinking into the background instead of striding out and taking their new position with pride.

I knew that they didn’t have to move to the other side of the world to change the way they felt – the answers were much closer to home!

And this became my mission – to help professional women achieve more than they thought possible, enabling them to understand their strengths, learn to assert themselves more, worry less about the effect that being assertive would have on relationships and understand that being good at what they do isn’t enough.

Managing your presence and personal impact are key to success at work – as is being visible and learning how to build a network that works for you.

I’ve learned these things over the last ten years or so, both in my move overseas, but also in my journey as a businesswoman, establishing myself here in Lincoln where I knew two people when we moved.

I now have a thriving business and a personal and professional network that I have built up over the last four years.

I help professional women to make their presence felt, so they become more influential.  

I teach them to have more personal impact and presence at work, through writing,    workshops and  1:1 coaching  . I am also available to work with teams.

I am a qualified personal and business coach, as well as an NLP Practitioner, with practices in Lincoln and Central London.

Call me on 0780 1502743 to find out more.

Alternatively, email sue@youtimecoaching.co.uk or use the contact form on the ‘Contact Me’ page.

I’m waiting to hear from you!

P.S – want to hear what they say about me?

‘ You are a graceful communicator who listens to everyone so well’ – Housing association team member

‘ You have a lovely personality, warm and engaging, and clearly knowledgeable…’ Life coach

‘Thought provoking and inspirational…’ Social media trainer

‘You have a real talent…you are clearly in the right line of business.’ Local government team leader

‘The trainer was very warm and approachable, an excellent course.’ Charity worker



Hear my recent interview on BBC Lincolnshire Hear my recent interview on BBC Radio Lincolnshire

Intervew: Melvyn Prior of BBC Lincolnshire 94.9FM, talking to Susan Ritchie of You Time Coaching about her inspirational life story.

First transmitted 5 Jan 2012.

  • Qualified NLP Practitioner – 2013 and member of the ANLP
  • I  am a graduate of Barefoot Coaching with a Certificate in Personal and Business Coaching – 2010
  • Full member of the UK Association for Coaching
  • Certificate – Introduction to Counselling Skills (Open University)
  • Post Graduate Certificate of Education (Crewe and Alsager College)
  • BA (Hons) – English and American studies (Keele University)


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