The Powerful Leadership Programme - For Senior Leaders Who Want to Banish the Imposter Syndrome

A Leadership Day Retreat for senior executives and leaders who want to get out of their own way and achieve career success

Are you in a senior role and want to take the next step in your career  - but years of self-doubt mean you feel stuck and frustrated with yourself?


Maybe you're in charge of your own growing organisation, and you feel like you're making it up as you go along -  you're waiting to be 'found out'?


Perhaps you've landed a senior leadership or executive role - but that critical inner voice is now terrifyingly loud? 


Have you spent years trying to overcome your feelings of not belonging or feeling intimidated by colleagues - but you're still self-sabotaging? 


Wouldn't it be great to finally feel confident, self-assured and ready to embrace your role with the certainty that you belong there - and you, and everyone else, can see that? 

Just imagine if someone could help you to finally change things?

What would it feel like to be confident, empowered and courageous? To show up as you - and fully accept that your unique experiences make you just the right person for the role.

What if you finally learned how to show up so that your true capabilities shone through?

No more frustration, no more self-doubt, no more feeling like you're not quite good enough.

No more fear.

You'd be confident, visible, respected  - and no longer feeling like an imposter who doesn't belong in your role. 

You'd make the difference you know you're there to make - to your organisation and your industry.


I'm Sue Ritchie and I help senior leaders and executives to get out of their own way, overcome the tendency to self-sabotage and  to build a stronger, more successful career for themselves.

I'm no stranger to being bold and tearing up the rule book, overcoming the challenges thrown up by the new and unknown - in 2002, as a single mum, I took up a teaching post in Borneo.

It was the most frightening, biggest and boldest move I've ever made, and one I've never looked back from.

My international career and subsequent return to the UK in 2010 to set up my own business taught me how to manage my own fears, tame my inner imposter, step outside my comfort-zone and stop standing in my own way. 

I learned that it's ok to be myself - my story is a powerful piece of the journey that builds firm foundations for what I do.

And I can help you to understand that about yourself  too. 

Over recent years my clients have included the BBC, Tower Hamlets Homes, The Institute of Chartered Accountants, SSAFA (the Forces Charity), as well as a wide range of universities, schools, local authorities and charities. 


The Powerful Leadership Programme 

A  programme for senior leaders and executives who currently feel like an imposter, which stops them from moving into their dream role or performing well in their current one. 


Spend a day working with me on a 1:1 basis and learn how to transform the impact you make in your professional life; let go of self-doubt, learn how to manage your imposter and slay those inner demons once and for all.

  • 1.

    An initial Skype call, approximately 4 weeks before the session so we can get to grips with what your biggest challenges are, plan to overcome them and you can begin the pre-work for the day

  • 2.

    One whole day devoted to YOU, that will allow us to dig really deep and unpick exactly what's holding you back. We'll tackle each barrier one by one, as we'll have the time and space to get below the surface of what's really going on for you, leaving you feeling transformed. All refreshments and lunch provided

  • 3.

    The day is flexible and is designed to fit your unique needs - together we'll create a plan for your success

  • 4.

    A month's support after the day so that you're kept on track and accountable for your progress - this includes 60 minutes of Skype coaching support.

  • 5.

    A journal for you to use as part of the day so you're able to make notes and record insights - and also continue to use it to log your progress and reflections in

  • 6.

    In total, around 8 weeks support to help you achieve your outcomes

Lincoln is a beautiful city - why not really make this a day to remember and if you're not local, stay overnight in one of the fabulous hotels the city has to offer?


The Powerful Leadership Day Retreat is all yours to explore and develop what you need to play your biggest, boldest game - but here's some ideas:

  • 1.

    understanding your strengths, your values, your identity, the authentic 'you'

  • 2.

    understanding your true potential and uncovering the self-belief to ignite it

  • 3.

    developing your own unique 'voice' and the message you want to share with the world

  • 4.

    reputation management - create the reputation you want and learn how to enhance it

  • 5.

    enhancing your presence

  • 6.

    overcoming challenges and blocks, managing overwhelm, creating focus and working effectively

  • 7.

    managing self-doubt, building gravitas and confidence

  • 8.

    building the courage to take big, out-of-your-comfort-zone action

  • 9.

    raising your profile, learning how to stand out from the crowd

  • 10.

    developing a strategy around building and connecting to your network

You'll leave the day ready to take the next step into a senior executive role - or establish yourself more fully in the one you have. 


Your biggest and boldest plans will have the space and attention they need to thrive - and so will you. 


The Powerful Leadership Day Retreats start at £997 here in Lincoln. I can deliver them in different parts of the country -  please email me for further information and prices. 

If you're interested in taking part, simply email me at and let's talk

Here's what two recent clients have said after their Leadership Day Retreats

"You've changed everything for me."

" The day has helped me to explore my sense of self and build my own solid foundation.

A big challenge for me was around how I can be seen as a leader - I've felt like I've been winging it! But the day has given me permission to be myself - to know I'm ok. I'm leaving with a greater sense of self worth, and with the tools and the strategies to move forward to develop my leadership skills and see myself as others see me.I feel much more powerful as a leader and you've absolutely addressed what I came here to do. It's been priceless.

 I feel completely empowered. I'm leaving here with clarity, focus, and energy - a real energy. I feel very excited about the next steps. I feel inspired to continue with my professional growth and it's helped shape my thinking of who I am, and what I can achieve. You've helped me to lay some demons to rest and re-frame who I am so I can move forward with complete self-assurance.  

You've changed everything for me."

Director - Charity
"Simply perfect"

"Spending time with Sue on her Leadership Day Retreat was simply perfect! It allowed me to unpack lots of ‘stuff’, enabling me to strip back to the basics of what was important to me and identify the small , yet hugely impactful changes I needed to make. This has enabled me to refocus on my values, my priorities and quite simply my passion for what I do. If you are looking for someone to support you in your thinking, in a calm and relaxed environment, Sue is most definitely your person!" 

Managing Director

Here's what others have said about working with me...

"Heart-felt thanks"

"As I’m sure you will remember, when I first came to you I was struggling with owing my role; evening describing myself as the CEO was a real challenge; I would often use another title or play it down. You have really helped me to feel comfortable in my own skin and with my position.

My new found inner confidence and leadership skills have had a big impact on the way I interact with others at work. I used to find it very hard to speak in public meetings and networking events; introducing myself and my role was enough to bring on a cold sweat and palpations. The techniques that you have taught me for ‘showing up as a Leader’ including: how to be prepared for meetings and public speaking events and how to ensure that not only my voice but also my message is heard by others, have enabled me to confidently walk into crowded networking events and proactively engage with more senior leaders and decision makers. This has led to me developing new business partnerships.


The Powerful Leadership Day Retreats start at £997 here in Lincoln. I can deliver them in different parts of the country -  please email me for further information and prices. 


If you're interested in taking part, simply email me at and let's talk

"The confidence to show what has been hidden for years"

After progressing nicely in my current job to a senior position with a global role over span of 20 years, I still felt that there were barriers that needed to be broken to further both my personal and professional life. After working with Sue I know realise that most of these barriers had created and even habitualised by myself over the years, stopping me from really being noticed by either others or more importantly, myself.Working with Sue has really been about me taking ownership: her coaching style has allowed me to set my own agenda and take responsibility for making the changes I want to see happen. What Sue does so well in addition is trigger those areas where I would probably not go and it has been a great experience being challenged to what I thought was my “comfort zone”, especially when it comes to me having self-compassion and recognition. By implementing the techniques Sue has enabled me to have to confidence to show what I have just hidden for years; this is now emerging at a good pace and is no longer in the dark.  It is really being noticed by colleagues and friends and more importantly feels good.  

The first step is always the hardest but I can truly say this has and continues to be a great journey… it’s never too late after so many years and if you are only at the start of your career building why wait??!!

Global Health & Safety Director