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Leadership Presence for Professional Women

Are  you a new or emerging female leader who wants to raise your profile, create more impact and become more influential, both in your organisation and across your industry?

Whether or not you have the title ‘leader’ yet, developing your leadership presence can help you to have more impact, presence and influence at work.

This means that you’re far more likely to earn that title if that’s what you’re after – and if you’re already the owner of a newly promoted post, then you’ll be much more likely to be successful at it if you get to grip with a  few key things.

And the earlier in your career you learn these the better – you’ll have a toolkit for life as you rise up in career.

New & Emerging Female Leaders

Using elements from the Leadership Presence Blueprint™,  you can learn to maximise your impact,  raise your profile and become more influential so you create the right impression as a leader – whether you have the title yet, or not. More leadership presence, will help you get that leadership post. And more leadership presence will help you manage those challenging early weeks and months with ease.

You can learn how to feel confident enough to ask for what you want and make bold moves that will showcase your talents.

And you can learn how to lead, influence and drive your career so that you’re making the most of your abilities – and be rewarded for them.

Self-doubt can undermine even the most confident of us – do you understand what works for you, to help you manage The Imposter Syndrome and show up confidently?

How comfortable are you with sharing your talents and successes? Have you found a way to do it yet that feels comfortable and doesn’t leave you feeling like you’re bragging or blowing your own trumpet?

How good are your relationships? Do you know what motivates your team, your boss, yourself?

Your career shouldn’t be left to chance – that’s why finding the right support is crucial if you want to develop your leadership skills.

Learning to manage your additional responsibilities, build your credibility and demonstrate your leadership skills can be a challenge even for the most outstanding.


If you want to learn how to develop your leadership presence in order to raise your profile and have more impact, presence and influence – as well as your next leadership role – then take a look around this website.



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