Develop Your Leadership Presence

Are you a senior exec or business leader who wants to learn how to get out of your own way so your full capabilities shine through?

“As I’m sure you will remember, when I first came to you I was struggling with owing my role; evening describing myself as the CEO was a real challenge; I would often use another title or play it down. You have really helped me to feel comfortable in my own skin and with my position.

My new found inner confidence and leadership skills have had a big impact on the way I interact with others at work. I used to find it very hard to speak in public meetings and networking events; introducing myself and my role was enough to bring on a cold sweat and palpations. The techniques that you have taught me for ‘showing up as a Leader’ including: how to be prepared for meetings and public speaking events and how to ensure that not only my voice but also my message is heard by others, have enabled me to confidently walk into crowded networking events and proactively engage with more senior leaders and decision makers. This has led to me developing new business partnerships.” 

Mary, CEO

Have you spent years listening to that critical inner voice – and now you’re feeling stuck, frustrated and fed up with your own self-sabotage?  

Perhaps you’re in charge of your own growing organisation but feel like you’re making it up as you go along – you’re waiting to be ‘found out’? 

Would you like to develop the focus, clarity and energy to be a self-assured and confident leader who excels in their role? 

Just imagine the difference it would make to know that you’re confident and comfortable enough to show up as ‘you’ – and feel influential, acknowledged and respected.

Using elements from The Leadership Presence Blueprint™, I help individuals and organisations to lead – to develop the impact they need to deliver their message and make their mark in business. 



To get started now, download the 5 Steps To Develop Your Leadership Presence which you can download here  




Thought provoking and inspiring – anyone who attends will find themselves reflecting on what they experienced for days afterwards.
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